First Coast Mulch was established in 2015 with a single 2003 Mid-size blower truck. We now operate the largest most advanced fleet of Mulch Blower Trucks in North Florida. Our process is simple:

  • Communicate 
  • Show up when scheduled
  • Finish this project before starting  the next
  • Clean up as we go
  • Invoice only for what was installed

Sticking to these principals has enabled us to facilitate great Partnerships with multiple Municipalities, Landscapers, Childcare Centers, Property Management companies.  


Our Equipment

Blower Trucks are an expensive investment, over the past 2 years we have spent $1.8 million to update our fleet. This investment into modernized pneumatics and the belt conveying system has made the blowing process more efficient. Materials now unabatedly move through the hopper significantly improving hourly application rates. 

  Each day the truck to the left with our 2-3 man crew will install over 120 cubic yards (1608bags) uniformly around your project, giving First Coast the ability to install up to 500cubic yards (6750bags) daily. 

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When you partner with us the process is simple. Show us the project and we'll call you when complete. Our mulch comes onsite with the truck, stays in the truck and leaves with the truck. Our teams are trained to move fluidly through your project so that we disturb the least number of people possible. 

  • No wheel barrows, piles, pallets, rakes, shovels, etc.
  • No large labor pools
  • No damaged turf or landscape


Clean Up

Whats the point of installing the mulch fast if a disaster is left behind? Don't worry! Our teams not only install, but we also leave the project clean.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this process reduce Mulch Qty?


This is a question we get everyday. 

The answer is simple:

It doesn't reduce mulch qauntity. 10 plus years ago our process would reduce the quantity, but at that time everyone was measuring for 2.5-3 inches. However now, everyone measures for such a thin layer that we simply can not blow it any thinner. Best explanation I've heard yet. 

"We are not French pastry chefs, its impossible to blow a 1.25" uniform layer of mulch. Some areas will have 1" others will have 2." 

Bobby K. 2016 

Whats your minimum Qty?


Unfortunately it is extremely costly to get the truck and crew to the project.  Due to this we have a minimum of 10 cubic yards (135 bags). 

We would love to have your business however below this quantity it is just to cost prohibitive and we wouldn't feel right charging someone the necessary rate.